12 May 2018
Preparation Weekend: Where Do I fit into this? (Part One - Roger Simpson)
Mark Bradford
12 May 2018
Preparation Weekend: Where do I fit into this? (Part Two - Paul Myers)
Mark Bradford
6 May 2018
Easter... And the Mission of The Church
Mark Bradford
29 Apr 2018
Easter... Living the Future in the Present
Mark Bradford
22 Apr 2018
Easter... And the Judgement to Come
Mark Bradford
17 Apr 2018
Easter... On the Third Day
Mike Clayton
9 Apr 2018
Easter... It's not the end of the world!
Liz Gethin
1 Apr 2018
Easter Sunday 2018
Janet Mortimer
25 Mar 2018
Lead Us Not into Temptaion, But Deliver us From Evil
Mark Bradford
19 Mar 2018
Forgive Us Our Debts, As We Also Have Forgiven Our Debtors
Bishop Julian
12 Mar 2018
Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
Chris Jackson
4 Mar 2018
You Will be Done, On Earth as it is in Heaven
Tim Sture
25 Feb 2018
Your Kingdom Come
Stephen Sloss
18 Feb 2018
Our Father in Heaven, Hallowed Be Your Name
Mark Bradford

The videos Mark references in his talk can be found here:
The Lord’s Prayer Advert -
Derek Redmond -

11 Feb 2018
The Challenege of a God who Loves more than We Do
Chris Jackson
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